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Safety Issues for Water Heater

The following are some most serious risks that you should know.
 Sediment Buildup
Over time, sediment builds up in your water heater tank, which can interfere with the water heater’s efficiency and decrease its lifespan. It can also combine with chlorine to form unhealthy chemical compounds in your water. To avoid sediment buildup, water heaters need to be drained periodically. Self-cleaning water heaters eliminate sediment concerns, but older ones should be drained and cleaned about every six months. This is something that the homeowner can normally do on his own by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Carbon Monoxide Leaks
The leading cause of accidental poisoning in the
United States, carbon monoxide is a real and all-too-common danger with gas-burning water heaters. Carbon monoxide is produced when any type of fuel is burned. Usually, it is ventilated to the outside of the home. Carbon monoxide buildup occurs, however, when gas-burning appliances like water heaters are not properly ventilated.
The Potential for Burns
It is important for you to set your water heater to the proper temperature. When the temperature is set too high, you and your family are at risk for burns in the shower or bath. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to scalding, even at temperatures that may not seem too hot to others. To avoid the potential for burns altogether, simply lower the temperature setting. In any case, your water heater should never be turned up higher than 120 degrees as this is the highest temperature considered safe.
To prevent a carbon monoxide leak, it’s important to have your water heater (and all gas-burning appliances) inspected and cleaned at least once a year. In addition to properly maintaining your fuel-burning appliances, it’s also important to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.
Natural Gas Leaks
Particularly common with older water heaters, gas leaks are a risk with any gas-burning appliance. Unlike carbon monoxide, natural gas has a rotten egg smell thanks to an additive provided by the gas company. The specific smell enables a home’s inhabitants to detect a leak quickly and evacuate. When inhaled, natural gas first causes mild symptoms like headaches and dizziness, but can quickly cause much more serious health problems.

Using of Air Filtration System

The basic function of any air filtration system is to reduce dust inside your home or office, both on surfaces and in the air you breathe. By removing dust particles from indoor air before it is re-circulated, an air filtration system can significantly reduce airborne dust. This means less frequent cleaning and fewer health problems for your family or employees.
Many air filtration systems can capture small allergen particles and prevent them from re-circulating. This can be beneficial for allergy sufferers in your office or at home, helping prevent symptoms such as headaches, sinus problems and skin irritation. Most allergen particles range from 1 to 100 microns in diameter (in contrast, a human hair is about 160 microns wide), so you will need to purchase an air cleaner capable of capturing particles like them, if allergens are of concern.
Remove Dust Particles
Dust — tiny bits of dirt and waste that float through the air and ultimately build up on indoor surfaces — is more than just unsightly. It worsens hay fever in susceptible individuals, and triggers asthma attacks. Excess dust can also build up inside electronics, causing overheating, costly repairs and equipment failures.
Get Rid Of Bacteria and Airborne Viruses
In addition, sophisticated air filtration systems can even help prevent the transmission of airborne illnesses like influenza and the common cold. Airborne pathogens are released into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These tiny, invisible particles can travel on airborne dust or small moisture droplets, sometimes coming to rest on indoor surfaces or, depending on airflow, remaining suspended in the air as it circulates throughout a structure.
Not all air cleaning systems are able to capture such tiny particles, but some higher-end home and commercial air cleaners do offer this capability. While allergens are usually less than 100 microns in diameter, most viruses range from 0.01 to 0.2 microns in size. Filters that block airborne pathogens are generally more expensive than other types, but they are becoming more popular and more widely available.
The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

Corrupted PPT file How to recover?

Here is solution for PowerPoint files are corrupted,many times the PowerPoint files can get corrupted because of many reasons such as virus infections, damaged MS Office, human errors, etc. In such cases, you should try to recover infected PowerPoint files by their updated backup. However, if the backup is not updated, then you should consider using a third-party PowerPoint Recovery tool.
Note: To counter this situation in the future, you should always scan the files that you receive, even if you get them from a reliable source. Also, you should keep the virus definitions of your antivirus updated.
Cause: The root cause of this problem is that the attachment in the mail item contained Trojan.PPDropper.B virus. This virus is able to corrupt the files and modify critical system registry entries. In addition, it can download, execute or upload files. It can also send the system information to other systems without your knowledge.
To remove the virus from your system, scan the system with the antivirus that you are using. But chances are that even if the antivirus is updated, it may not be able to do ppt recovery. In such cases, you should use a third-party tool to recover PowerPoint files. Such tools are read only in nature as they use fast yet sophisticated techniques to scan the damaged area and recover ppt.

Memory cards Photo recovery software

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a comprehensive utility which recovers lost or deleted photos from various corrupt or damage storage media including memory cards, memory sticks, Windows/Mac hard drives, USBs and other removable media. The photo recovery tool perform recovery in three simple steps viz select, scan and save.
Why memory cards frequently fall prey to corruption?
Digital camera users often complain about corruption issues in memory card. They think that the memory card – they have bought – is not up to the mark to be used in the camera, that's why it gets corrupt every now and then. But that's not the case every time. A memory card can become corrupt if it is not properly handled while using a digital camera. Here is a list of some common causes pertaining to memory card corruption, which are more or less human errors:
If you switch off the digital camera while the memory card is still inside it
If you continue clicking photos on low batteries
If you remove the memory card before the completion of transfer process when your camera is connected to a computer
If you format memory card in a computer instead of digital camera
If you use the same memory card in other host devices and more.
What all a software can do for you?
A third-party photo recovery utility software really comes handy when you have no backup to fall back upon in order recover lost photos. These utilities are designed to recover images from all types of memory cards including SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, CF etc. Regardless of the data loss situation, these tools successfully retrieve the images. Apart from corruption, you can use a digital photo recovery software in many situations including accidental deletion, unintentional or intentional formatting, file system damage, virus attacks etc.

Twilight Series

If you still haven’t read this great fantasy novel, you should really start reading it now. It’s for sure that you will be searching for the Twilight fansites as soon as you finish reading the novel.
Infact there are thousands of such novels with millions of fans for them around the planet. One such world famous vampire based fantasy novel is the “Twilight Series” comprising of four great novels of all time. This series which is a love story combined with the fiction of the existence of Vampires is written by Stephenie Meyer. Now since this article is about a novel based on love story and vampires, I am sure that you will find it very much interesting to read the rest of this passage.
The Storyline:
Unlike the common novels based on the fantasy of Vampires, the Twilight series is based on a rare concept of love between a human and a Vampire. This novel is centered on the changes occurring in the life of young "Bella Swan” who falls in love with “Edward Cullen” who is a Vampire. The Twilight series is written as the life of Bella is narrated by herself. This novel is interesting to read as it covers the purity of love and the excitement of Vampires. The uniqueness of this novel lies in the nature of the vampire Edward to whom Bella falls in love with. Unlike other Vampires who drink human blood, the Vampires of the “Cullen Family” drink only animal blood. The ending of the novel has the Vampires of the Cullen family defend the human blood drinking Vampires and help Bella to escape to
Phoenix, Arizona.
The Twilight Fans
This novel gathered millions of young fans across this planet. There are Twilight fan merchandises like Twilight shits, Twilight posters, Twilight Jewelry and much more. The rise of the concept of social networking has given birth to some Twilight Fansites too. These twilight fansites are engaged with groups and forums where the fans of this fantasy novel can share their thoughts. Some of the twilight fansites allow people to express their design ideas to be printed on Twilight T Shits, coffee mugs and other such products.

Themed Christmas Parties Themed

Themes make a party more interesting and give it a flavour in tune with the spirit of the festive season. It is an idea that makes everyone from the young to the old celebrate Christmas with more zeal and enthusiasm.
Christmas Party Themes
Christmas Colours
A Christmas party inspired by the colours of the season is something which will find its place with people of all ages. Christmas colours are red, green, white and also metallic colours like gold and silver. Any of the colours or a combination could be chosen as the theme of the party. The party could be completely based on the two colours red and green. Everyone can come dressed in these colours and all decorations from the Christmas tree to home decorations should be based on the theme colours chosen for the party.
Period Themes
A Christmas party could be based on a particular period which could be medieval, victorian or on the more recent decades like the 50s, 60s or the 21st century. The ambience of the party should be according to the period on which your party is based and the guests should dress up accordingly too.
Venue based Christmas Parties
The venue where the party is being organised can become the inspiration for a Christmas party. The themes would thus range from seaside or waterfront to snowy peaks to a tropical winter. The important thing to remember here is that the venue chosen has to reflect the Christmas season.
Media based Christmas Parties
The party could also be based on a popular movie or TV show or on the more dramatic theatrical concept but relative to Christmas. To create the atmosphere for such a party, the reference could be a particular movie or the look of the party could be based on a more generalistic idea of any media, the guests could then follow their own dress code as per a popular character associated with Christmas.

Ideas for Making a Card

Here are some Tip for making your any cards, wedding, birthday, anniversary etc.
Initially you will need all the correct tools and materials for making a card. This may consist of; cartridge paper, glue, markers, printing paper, paper cutters and paper punch tools. Mome of these items can be accessed from home and if not can be purchased in a store. There are various techniques of card making; embroidery, paper folding, paper piercing, stamping and pieced paper imagery are all utilized in card making. Decorations can be adhered to the exterior of the card to make your card more attractive and fun. You can utilize a digital camera, to take pictures and print it on a piece of paper. If you have hard copy of other pictures you would like to use, you can employ the color copier, to copy them and reproduce it on printing paper so it can be paste onto the cover of the card. Pictures gives off a personalized look to a card whether the photograph is of the person you are presenting it to or of an occasion that will educe fond moments. The best way to affix a photograph is by employing a spray mount.
Use intermediate means like the internet to send emails, instant messages or e-cards along with music and photographs of friends and loved ones with a note of thanks. You can also arrange a dinner or a surprise party with food, friends and family as a way of devoting an event to someone special, this is an excellent way to show thanks. You can also make a home video using your very own digital camera including you and your friends all saying thanks. This can be sent either from a cd or via emails. Writing a thank you letter may be traditional but it can still have a very huge impact on the receiver.
You can use a PC, to create graphically modified cards to print out graphics, borders and text. For a more hands on approach, you can carve out words and pictures from books and paste them onto the card to inscribe various expressions to give your best wishes. If you want to add extra flare to your card, you can use glitter to add a special feel. The best kind of glitter to use is those combined with glue that comes in a squeeze bottle to design whatever you want.  
Apart from card making, we can find other creative ways for saying thank you. This can be achieved in a public setting, where you can openly express your gratitude in front of guests and supporters; this will make the person feel very loved and appreciative. A phone call can now and again feel a bit impersonal but is still a very convenient means of saying thanks, especially when the people you want to tell are very far away in a different country so calling someone to orally thank them can still be a very good method to convey your gratitude. You can also use your phone to send text messages.

Indian Astrology

This is the hard fact that nobody of this earth can stop the rain from falling. However, this depends on you, whether you wish to carry and utilize an umbrella to protect yourself from the falling water or not.
At the time of birth of a person the point in the particular zodiac sign, expressed in terms of longitude, which is rising in the eastern horizon is known as the Ascendant (Lagna) or the Rising Sign of the person.
Ascendant/Rising Sign-
As explained above, the ecliptic passes through the middle of the zodiac belt that extends to nine degrees on its each i.e. north or south side. All the planets remain within the limits of the zodiac. The earth rotates around its axis once in twenty four hours from west to the east. Consequently all the planets appear to be revolving around the earth from east to west. The zodiac along with all the planets and signs fixed upon it also appears to be revolving around the earth from east to west. This indicates that all points on the signs and planets on the zodiac will appear to successfully rise in the eastern horizon and set at the western horizon once in 24 hours. Thus, for every point and time on earth there would be a unique point on a particular zodiac sign which will be rising at the eastern horizon.
Janma Rashi/Moon Sign/Moon Ascendant-
The house in which Moon is placed in the birth chart of a person is known as the Moon sign. For example the placement of Moon in the sign Taurus in a birth chart indicates that the Moon sign/Janma Rashi of the person concerned is Taurus.

What is Sun Sign/Sun Ascendant-
Just like the Moon sign, the location of the house in which Sun is placed in a birth chart is known as its Sun sign. Western astrology gives great importance to the Sun signs. This has been observed that the Sun sign of a person on the basis of Western astrology and Vedic Astrology vary by one sign. The reason being according to the Western astrology the zodiac is moving, whereas, according to the concepts of Vedic astrology the zodiac is fixed.
Relevance of Astrology-
According to the Vedic philosophy, what would happen to a person in this life is predetermined and a lot depends on the deeds i.e. Karma of our past lives. The relevance of 'free will' is a matter of debate. However we being astrologers believe that almost 70 percent of what would happen to us may be predicted by blending various principles of Vedic astrology. However the remaining thirty percent is the critical factor and created by our present deeds and may be controlled by taking rational decisions and putting in efforts in the appropriate direction as per demand of the situation. Here this is important to mention that Vedic Astrology is the only science that provides us the guidance to improve this critical factor comprising of the thirty percent.

What is Western Astrology

Western astrology is based on the construction of a horoscope for an exact moment in time, such as a person’s birth. A Horoscope is a chart or diagram ,which represents the positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and the most important astrological aspects at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person’s birth.

Zodiac is the band of constellations through which the Sun, Moon, and the Planets move on their journey across the sky.

Western Astrologers have created the system of twelve signs of the zodiac, based on twelve of the constellations they considered to be the most important. The Zodiac is divided into 12 signs, each 30 degrees long. The cycle of zodiac signs starts with Aries, on the first day of spring. These 30 degree sections of the sky are sections of space, not time.
The Tropical Zodiac begins with the sign of Aries, although the signs of the Tropical Zodiac no longer correspond with the constellations of the same name, as they did during the ancient times.
Most of the modern Western Astrologers use this very type of the Zodiac, though.
In Western Astrology the signs of the zodiac represent twelve basic personality types .
The Twelve Signs are divided into four elements:
1. earth ,
2. air,
3. fire
4. and water
and also divided into three qualities:
1. cardinal,
2. mutable
3. and fixed.
Zodiac Signs :
1. Aries
2. Taurus
3. Gemini
4. Cancer
5. Leo
6. Virgo
7. Libra
8. Scorpio
9. Sagittarius
10. Capricorn
11. Aquarius
12. Pisces